What is an Estate Sale?

Most people relate an estate sale to someone passing on, that's often incorrect.  The estate sale definition is the process of liquidating assets. On many occasions it may be referred to as a trustee sale, probate sale, tag sale, or liquidation sale.

Reasons For Liquidation

Besides the loss of a family member, here are the most common reasons for holding a sale

  • Retirement and downsizing,
  • An elder moved into an assisted living facility,
  • Relocation to another state or smaller home,
  • Divorce requiring the distribution of assets,
  • Bankruptcy and loss of wages,
  • Liquidating an abundance of items collected over the years

"A sale happens because the majority of the items in the home need to be sold in a timely, efficient manner and at the highest value possible."  -- Sal Sierra, Co-Owner, Grey Baron Estate Sales


What is an Estate Liquidator/Liquidation Company?

Anyone can hold an estate sale, but the process can be extremely overwhelming, it's highly recommended you hire a professional estate sale company such as Grey Baron Estate Sales to manage the process.  As experienced estate sale liquidators, we have the experience, knowledge, insurance, permits necessary, and a large following of buyers that attend our sales, a higher chance of success!

Grey Baron Estate Sales offers our clients various options that can be tailored to maximize your estate sale proceeds at competitive rates! Check out our Services section to discover what services may be suitable for you.  Check out our current sales here & past sales here.


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